What is Spinevital?

A Spinevital is a system of pads and magnets with which the advanced methods of thermal and magnetic activity on the spine are applied.

Undershirt with termomagnetic effect

It works by receiving the heat which radiates from the spine and reflecting it back into the skin and further in through the skin and its connective tissues and bones of the spine.


At the same time, it is creating a stable magnetic field along the spine, which increases the energy flow and circulation in the spine. The result of the thermal and magnetic method activity is a significant increase in the capillary blood flow, tissue feed and the lymph flow in the spine.

The Spinevital system and the thermal and magnetic methods are unique in the world market.

The main effect of the Spinevital system is the creation of balance in the sympathetic and parasympathetic activity by affecting the thermal and electro-magnetic activities in the immediate vicinity of the spine. The Spinevital applies the knowledge on the treatment with magnets, which is thousands of years old, and its beneficial effects on human health.

It has been known that the famous greek physician hippocrates (who lived from 460th to 380th bce) used the advantages of the constant low-energy magnetic fields in the treatment of joints and muscles. Similarly, the Spinevital uses the low-energy magnetic fields for the protection and regeneration of the spine, as well as the partial protection against electronic smog. Just as the earth's magnetic field protects people from the adverse impact of radiation from the sun and from space, so does the Spinevital protect a person from the negative impact of radiation of electrical equipment by its magnetic field.

The Spinevital effectively prevents, soothes and eliminates back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

It helps in reducing the intensity and frequency of migraines, leg cramps, pain caused by sciatica, numbness of fingers and toes, insomnia and various other problems associated with poor circulation.

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A team of experts from the Nado Clinic in Zagreb were engaged in the development of the Spinevital undershirt, headed by the primarius md. Ladislav Krapac, a chief specialist and a rheumatologist, who stated:

The muscles, tendons and nerves are very sensitive to energy losses, which manifests as sub-cooling. The Spinevital undershirt helps repair the thermal and energy status in the area of the spine, particularly in muscles and small joints.

The undershirt protects against hypothermia and brings order in tendon and energy structures, which run from the head down to the feet. The magnets stabilize the energy areas in the neck, chest and back, and, thus, reduce the pain and excessive tension in muscles, and improve the nutrition of the structures (small joints, muscles and nerves).


The spine is the main supporting organ in the human body, and it should be positioned upright. The health of our spine depends on our genetics, and also on our profession, as well as on the ways we spent our youth, i.e. How we formed and deformed our spine, and, at last, on the aging processes due to which the discuses degenerate. During a lifetime, the spine is exposed to a range of poor conditions, such as the incorrect posture and incorrect sitting, due to which the imbalance in the spine occurs as well as its early aging. Back pains are the result of the imbalance of the spine. With time, the small joints wear out, discuses constrict and the muscles are no longer as resilient as when they were younger.


The Spinevital undershirt helps repair the thermal and energy situation in the area of the spine. The muscles, tendons and nerves are very sensitive to sub-cooling. As soon as the pre-cooling occurs, a threshold of the sensation of pain drops down, and we start feeling the pain more than when we are warmed up. The undershirt protects against hypothermia and brings order in tendon and energy structures which run from the head down to the feet. The magnets stabilize the energy areas in the neck, chest and loins, and, thus reduce the pain and excessive tension in muscles, and improve the nutrition of the structures (small joints, muscles and nerves) that in people who are fifty or older is no longer ideal.


The first effect one can feel when wearing this undershirt is the reduction of tension, facilitated movement and reduction of pain. There is no absolute reduction of pain but a significant one. Those who have undergone a surgery of the spine have had one part of their spine repaired, but other parts of their spine become poor in energy, and this is where wearing the Spinevital undershirt can help, namely in heating and energy balancing the vertebrae and increasing their nutrition. As soon as the surgeon finishes the operation one should start wearing the undershirt, so that the spine recovers and balances itself as soon as possible.

The first experiences of other elderly patients show that wearing the Spinevital undershirts greatly helped them in movement and sleep. Wearing the undershirts at night makes sleeping easier and protects the lower back, so that in the morning they feel much more balanced energy than when they place lead plates, and a variety of other anti-magnetic or anti-radiation appliances under their beds.


The undershirt is special and unique because it combines the thermal and energy protection of the spine through a permanent magnetic field that directs energy flows along the spine, so that it has no energy storms in it, which result in intense pain, popularly named the lumbago, which usually occurs due to the muscles getting cold

I would recommend wearing this thermal and energy undershirt to everyone passed puberty. Wearing undershirts in young people contributes to their feel better and being in energy balance, and in all those who have reached the age of 60 and suffer from poor circulation, the undershirt helps repair the disturbed circulation, and i would recommend them to wear it constantly and to have the two of them available so that they can be replaced when they sweat.


The advantage of this undershirt is that it is made of an elastic material and it is long enough, so when you lean back or forward it will remain in place, not bearing the lower back, but covering it with a material that is heat-stable and hydro-permeable. The Spinevital undershirt belongs to the replacement medicine, or complementary medicine, which helps in the prevention of spinal problems and in the pre-existing spinal problems.

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User's experience

We have witnessed various health problems retreating and disappearing in people who regularly wear this undershirt.


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Composition and maintenance


92 % cotton, 8% elastane, 6 magnets inserted in the cushions of faux leather and sponge

Instructions for maintenance:

It can be machine washed at 40°c,
It does not require ironing,
It can be ironed all around, except the pads with magnets.


Counter indications:

• Persons with a pacemaker
• Persons suffering from acute tuberculosis
• Pregnant women
• Persons who have bleeding into the abdomen

Persons with such issues should consult a physician before wearing the undershirt.



1. Why is it good to use the Spinevital undershirt?

Nowadays, people are increasingly sitting, and with such a rhythm of life, the spine suffers from the increased stress and it is being increasingly worn out, so an upright standing person eventually becomes a hunched homo sedens, or the sedentary person. Therefore, contemporary generations, who are a few inches taller than their parents, have weaker muscles in shoulders and pelvic area, and suffer from a deformed spine.
Sitting strains the spine more than standing upright does, and it especially strains the transitioning parts of the chest and neck spine, as well as that of the lumbar spine. At it, first the back spinal muscles become weaker, then those in the stomach area, and then those in shoulders and pelvis areas. Along with the static strains that people who sit a lot suffer from, nowadays, people are exposed to all the unfavorable microclimate conditions, and with more and more people suffering from the spine issues, there are also some biomechanical stresses present with such issues, due to a hanging stomach condition.
The Spinevital undershirt operates in the manner that it heats and thermally protects the so-called para-vertebral muscles, the trunk extending muscles in both sides of the thorn-like extensions along the spine. At the same time, the Spinevital system establishes a stable and continuous magnetic field along the spine and thus solves the mess in the energy flow in people who spend a lot of time sitting, i.e. the flow which is incorrectly directed and unevenly distributed. The stable magnetic field in part eliminates bad effects of a string of the electromagnetic fields and wave vibrations in our environment. While the sv operates thermally and magnetically, the elastic structure of the undershirt assisted with the thermal and magnetic strip along the central part of the back has a positive effect on stabilizing the physiological curves of the spine, its forward curvature in the loins area (lumbar lordosis) and backwards in the chest area (kyphosis). With the regular use of the sv undershirt, your spine shall suffer from less stress and it will experience more evenly distributed straining. The increased and uniformly distributed temperature and better nutrition of the cells due to the increased circulation initiates the recovery processes in the spine, and the body as a whole. The spine is the pillar and foundation of the body, and the Spinevital undershirt protects and restores your spine.



2. How often is it recommended to wear a Spinevital undershirt?

a) If i do not feel pain in the back?
Wear it periodically. When you feel the need to wear it, it is recommended that you wear it every month at least for ten days, during the day or at night, or all the time, as it best suits you.

b) If i occasionally feel pain in my back?
Wear it regularly, every day, at least during one part of the day; or each month, for at least ten days; or all the time.

c) If i feel mild and medium severe back pain daily?
Wear it all the time.

d) If i feel severe pain in the back daily?
Wear it all the time.


3. How long is it recommended to wear the Spinevital undershirt?

SV has a very positive effect on the health of the spine and on the health in general, thus, its use throughout a lifetime is recommended.


4. How long should i use the Spinevital system to reduce the pain?

The SV system is effective from the very moment of the start of its use. Depending on the damage of the spine, the pain decreases within a day or two, up to fifteen days. In cases of severe disorders of the spine, it is necessary to put the sv system in continuous use for several months, as long as the issues completely disappear or the pain alleviates.


5. What are the side effects of wearing the Spinevital undershirts?

Wearing the sv undershirts does not cause any side effects. People who have electronic devices implanted in their bodies, or who suffer from acute tuberculosis, bleeding in the urological-genital system and pregnant women should consult their physician prior to purchasing and wearing their undershirts.


6. Can the magnets in the undershirt wear out?

The magnets are sewn into the undershirt and they exercise their effects permanently, if not exposed to extreme temperatures (above 50°C).


7. How is the Spinevital undershirt different from other products for the spine?

It differs in the method it uses, and by its convenience, efficiency, scope of impact on the body and amount of disorder in the body on which it operates. The sv thermal and magnetic method has been patented as the method which yields better results than other methods for protecting the spine, and with its powerful impact on the spine, it has a beneficial effect on the whole body and for the whole range of disorders associated with poor circulation in the spine. The convenience of wearing the undershirts allows the spine to be well cared for during 24 hours a day, which bears much larger and longer-lasting impact on the spine than any individual treatments.


8. Can the undershirt be worn by people who have metallic platelets implanted in their bodies?

Yes, it can. The sv system should not cause side effects in such persons. Older prosthesis could lead to the undesirable heating in the lumbar platelets area of the sv system, but not in other parts of the body. Caution is recommended in patients who have other materials implanted in their bodies, or wounds from the war.


9. Who is especially recommended to wear the Spinevital undershirts?

Wearing the SV undershirts is especially recommended to people who do the work during which their spine is exposed to an unnatural position often for a long time, people who are exposed to long lasting and strenuous work and those who spend the majority of their working hours on their feet, or who are often transitioning from the warmer to the colder spaces. The good care of the spine which is provided by the sv system is especially recommended to dentists, drivers, programmers, office clerks, waiters, active sportsmen, preschool teachers, pensioners, and all those who have had a surgery of the spine, and all those who suffer from migraines, sciatica, leg cramps and numbness of fingers, back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.


10. What is the real worth of the Spinevital undershirts?

The effects of the Spinevital undershirt can be equaled to the effect of 1 treatment for the spine with a specialist, every day, 7 days a week, all year round. When converted into hrks, it would amount to 1 x 50 x 365 = HRK 18.250,00 euro per year.


11. How does the Spinevital help in hotel and catering services?

The SV increases circulation and balances the energy flows, and due to that the spine recovers faster from the effects of the prolonged standing. The sv especially protects from the selective cooling and the overheating of the muscular systems in the back and of the deeper, tendon and cardiovascular and nervous structures, which is particularly useful for people who often transition from warm to cold temperature areas, what may cause the freezing of the muscle protein (buildup of lactic acid, frozen, stiff and very painful parts of muscles) The SV is useful as a means of prevention of the lactic acid build up, tightness and pain, and with the pre-existing conditions.


12. How does the Spinevital undershirt help drivers?

Professional drivers work in an unnatural, the so called forced position of their body in continuity even for ten hours, thus, due to tiring, the holders of the spine ease and the circulation weakens, causing an additional burden on the back muscles, which is reflected in irregular warming of the thoracic and lumbar spine and bad electro-magnetic flow. The sv undershirt provides support for the spine and increases circulation which prevents fatigue and soreness. If pain or diseases like lumbago or sciatica are already present, the Spinevital operates as a secondary prevention aid – it alleviates the pain and recovers the spine.

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Check for yourself why the Spinevital undershirt is a highly useful tool in health promotion and improvement in the quality of life.


For the best performance, it is recommended to use 2 undershirts, so that you can change them and wear them uninterruptedly.

We give a 20 Euro discount for purchasing the second undershirt.

Buy two Spinevital undershirts for the total of 180 Euro.

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